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We can deliver and install a wide range of high-quality doors, windows and roofline products in Cumbernauld and other areas across Scotland.

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Double Glazing Companies Cumbernauld

At Selecta Glasgow, we offer a reliable double glazing service. We can deliver and install a wide range of high-quality doors, windows and roofline products in Cumbernauld and other areas across Scotland. Our company has 30 years experience in providing the best service on many projects across the country.

We can fit roofline products, UPVC windows and doors, composite doors and many other products. We have a track record of happy clients that we have gained over the years. Our company has a good reputation in the local area, which is why we are the best choice for your double glazing needs in Cumbernauld and surrounding areas in Scotland.

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UPVC double glazed windows Cumbernauld

UPVC double glazed windows are an increasingly popular choice of window due to their low price, their wide variety of styles and top quality. UPVC windows regulate the temperature in your home, keeping you warm in the winter. Old windows are known for producing drafts and condensation when it’s cold outside which is why UPVC double glazed windows are the best option for replacement, reducing the cost of energy bills.

UPVC is a common material used for double glazed windows. UPVC is continuously chosen over wooden materials due to their durability. Depending on the brand you chose, most UPVC windows come with a 20-year guarantee. This material is created to withstand different weather conditions that would usually cause damage to other materials used for windows. 

UPVC double glazed windows come in a wide variety of colours and styles, meaning you can match your windows to the design of your home without having to settle for low-quality. Selecta can offer you experienced and knowledgeable team members to install your UPVC double glazed windows in Cumbernauld. Call today to arrange a FREE no-obligation home visit for further information on the services we provide.

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Aluminium double glazed windows Cumbernauld

Aluminium double glazed windows are created to maximise the amount of light let into your house. They have a modern and sleek look and can match the style of your home. Aluminium windows come in a range of colours, whereas other materials are limited to the range of colours available. 

Double glazed aluminium windows are a perfect way of modernising your property, whilst keeping your home safe and secure. Aluminium windows are not as efficient thermally compared to UPVC windows as aluminium conducts the temperature outside. However, aluminium double glazed windows have stronger material than UPVC windows which is why they can have less material and a surface area for glass.

Our Projects

Selecta Glasgow offer a wide range of different services throughout Glasgow.

We have completed many different projects for clients and are extremely proud of our standard of work.

For examples of our complete projects, take a look here; 

Composite Doors

We supply and fit a great range of composite doors in Glasgow. See some of our composite door installations here.

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Double Glazing

The bulk of our work is supplying and fitting double glazing windows. Check out some of latest fits here.

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Looking to replace your roofline in ? Check out some of our latest roofline replacement work here.

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Double glazed window replacement in Cumbernauld

Double glazed windows are extremely popular due to their effectiveness. At Selecta Glasgow, we can replace your single glazed windows with new double glazed windows. With double glazing, you can decrease the cost of your energy bills. All homes are built and designed differently; we have experience in fitting double glazed windows for all types of properties. 

Double glazed windows come in a wide range of designs. A certain type of double glazed window can transform the look of your home. Our team ensures that your type of double glazing is perfect for your property. We are here to listen to which types of double glazed windows that you feel are best for your property. We can match your style and budget. 

We can replace a variety of double glazed windows, including

  • UPVC windows.
  • Sash windows.
  • Bay windows. 
  • Triple glazed windows.

If you are looking for a stress-free double glazing service in Cumbernauld and across Scotland, contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote.

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How does double glazing work?

Double glazed windows are made up of two panes of glass, for double the protection of single glazed windows. An insulated glass unit is placed in the frame of either timber, aluminium or UPVC window frames. The two panes of glass are separated by a spacer bar. This creates a gap of air which is then filled with insulating gas. Double glazed windows slow down the thermal transfer, creating a window that is thermally efficient.

Double glazed windows also reduce noise by absorbing sound waves, reducing the frequency of the waves as they pass through the window. This can make your home a quiet place in a loud and busy area.

Double glazed windows are perfect for any property and are full of benefits. You would not regret choosing double glazing for your property!

How long does double glazing last?

If double glazed windows have been created a long time ago they may not last as long compared to those created today as the manufacturing of materials has improved. Double glazed windows created today are said to last around 25-30 years. However, they can last even longer if your property is not in an area where you face extreme weather.

How much is double glazing?

The cost of double glazing will vary depending on different factors. Factors include:

  • Style.
  • Material. 
  • Measurements.
  • How long it will take. 

For a FREE no-obligation quote get in contact today!

Contact Selecta for new double glazed windows or double glazed window replacement in Cumbernauld:

We can provide you with reliable team members to assist you with any ideas you may have for your new double glazed windows. There is a range of styles, materials and colours to choose from and we can help select which is best for you. 

For more information on the services we provide, contact us today. We can provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote!

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