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Glass Cutting Service in Glasgow

If you work in construction, there are various scenarios in which you might need to have glass cut to size in Glasgow. When that is the case, it is usually a good idea to employ a reliable glass cutting service to do the job before you because, as you probably know, working with glass can be tricky.

When might you need a glass cutting service in Glasgow? The following are just some of the scenarios when it may be necessary:

  • When fitting bespoke windows to a home, business or organisation as part of the construction process
  • When creating Shelves, tabletops, shower panels
  • Creating Horticultural greenhouse glass
  • For kitchen splashbacks
  • Construction of bridges
  • Construction of  canopies
  • Construction of skylights
  • For fire safety

These are just a few examples, but they highlight just how often glass is used, and for various different purposes, in the construction industry. Basically, if you want to create anything custom that involves glass, whether out of necessity or for aesthetic reasons, you will probably need a glass cutting service in Glasgow to help you get the right shape, size,  and more importantly the right type of glass for the job, but how exactly for glass cutting services work?

You’ll start by getting a free quote. The details of the job and what it entails will be taken from you before our experienced glass cutters work out how best to cut and fit your glass. The glass will then be installed either by us or your team, depending on your requirements. Here at Selecta Glasgow we are specialists in glass supply, and we operate one of the best glass cutting services in Glasgow, so whether you need shaped glass for a bespoke project or toughened glass cut to size in Glasgow, we are here to help.

Types of Glass

There are a lot more types of glass than you might be aware of, and knowing about them can help you to complete your jobs even more efficiently to the highest possible standards. Below, you will find a list of some of the most common types of glass that can be cut, along with the various uses of each:

  • Mirrored glass – Mirrored glass can be cut to create aesthetically pleasing features in any home. It can also be used for creating unique and high-end furniture.
  • Sheet glass – Sheet glass is typically used for greenhouses and glazing it is almost completely flat, which means you can technically cut it yourself, but if you want real precision, get your glass cut to size in Glasgow by a professional.
  • Float glass – Also known as soda-lime glass, this glass is great for use in windows and in the creation of glass structures due to its distortion-free appearance.
  • Laminated glass – Laminated glass has a slightly green hue and is ideal for use when creating bridges and aquariums because of the fact that its many layers help it to be extremely soundproof. Not only that, but it can reduce UV rays, which means a lot of construction companies choose it when creating glass canopies too.
  • Shatterproof glass – Because plastic polyvinyl butyral resin is added into the mix when it is produced, shatterproof glass, as you might have deduced from the name, is extremely resistant to shattering. That’s why it’s ideal for use in floors, windows and even skylights.
  • Self-cleaning glass – Great for windows, as you might expect from the name, this kind of glass does not stain easily, which means you can keep things low-maintenance, Ideal for use in retail buildings, but great for domestic homes too.
  • Energy-efficient glass – Now that energy-efficient homes are becoming a bit of a thing, construction companies that use this coated glass, which lowers the transfer of thermal energy back out of the house – basically it lets heat in but not out – are all going to want to use energy-efficient glass to entice the customers.
  • Patterned glass – Patterned glass adds a unique design element to all kinds of buildings and it takes a real expert to cut it right.

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